Monday, November 07, 2005


I started a new project today!

Jen and I were at the mall yesterday when she saw a scarf in a window that she liked. It was the Irish Hiking Scarf. I told her that I could totally make it for her, and she said she wanted it for Christmas. I said yes! Yay for crafts!

So today I started on the wristwarmers in the same pattern to practice. This way her scarf will look nice, and my wrists will be warm!

I'll take pictures soon!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I have joined the Pixie Purls Solid Socks Knit-a-long! This will be my first pair of socks, so I can't wait to start.

I think I'm going to use up some of the sock yarn in my stash (Bernat Sox in a yellow mustard color, $2.00 each on clearance plus some percentage off) that I got while I was in Iowa for a practice sock. Then I'll probably head out to Crafty Lady or Skiens and pick up some nicer yarn for my socks to be submitted. Unless we can make more than one?

In other news, I'm about 3 trapped bars through my Ravenclaw scarf, and I'm making a Booga Bag in Patons Classic Merino (New Denim and the grey color). Yay!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

My first "real" FO!

Made with Lion Brand Homespun in Cotton Candy and Granite, and Moonlight Mohair in Tundra.

70" long.

Finished 9-2-05.